Carry yourself,

how you see yourself

With regality

Full of dignity

A woman of substance

Changing the world

Just by being it



The Reckoning

Don’t kid yourself,

You were never part of the plan

She wasn’t reaching for you,

You happened to be in the way

You were not her destination, her home

But you dreamed of it,willed it into existence

Stopped the constellations and offered yourself

The ultimate price.


Was it that important

That you offered so much?

Did you not need yourself anymore

What was the plan love?

You contorted and writhed within you

Stopped the whole universe dead in its tracks

Tried to create something you could not fathom

Failing in a twisted hilarity each time

Your heart stopped each time.


Little one,

How many times did you need to kill yourself,

To give life to the wandering traveler ?




Musings of the Heart

Pen touches paper

Actions long before ordained

Heart beats steady

Every breath inspired

Life finds meaning

Words take form

The glory beckons


Like an itch begging to be scratched

A caged animal seeking release

Love dying to be proclaimed

Inspiration dying to be had

The masterpiece teases


If blood on paper be more effective

Who am I not to indulge?

The soul demands prominence

Over any pain conjured

Lest peace forsake me

To oblige I understand


So judge me not

Should I offend

Control I know nought

Mastery I desire more

The piper seeks remission

And to oblige, I understand


If He deems it fit

Should I then matter?

Will consequence betray

My fallible will

Should fate conspire

To cast me into oblivion

I do fear

My soul would forever bleed

And tranquility be

Eternally a stranger

Love Doused

I have been barking at my mind lately. Begging, prying, for just an ounce of inspiration. Longing

for the days words would flow, written on the paper before I could conjure them in my mind.

Like a wizard with his wand, I’ve been longing for the days I made magic. Frustration all too

present, repenting, lest God took my gift away. I’ve known no other longing, as stubborn, as


And then I thought of you, the image of you stuck in my head, the neediness to be with you. I

know not how to write a love letter, for I have never had the need for it. I must try this time. I

feel it will be my only redemption. For although inspiration deserts me, and frustration

overrides me, my longing for you is just as strong. I have thought of nothing else for days. An

obsession quickly forming in my heart. Yes my heart, the stubborn little thing. It beats to the

rhythm of your heart. I can feel it from miles away. I can tell how you think, I know the things

that trouble you, the things that make you laugh; I know them all. Words flow when I think of

you. You heal my uncommitted mind. How could I possibly tell you, a stranger, the emotions

you invoke, the hours spent staring into nothingness, creating possibilities of you and me, of

us? Am I remotely good enough for you? Do I ever cross your mind? How would your touch feel

on my skin? Would I lose all sense of feeling, floating in space, a place where only our souls

would reside? Would my heart quicken as it does at the mere mention of your name? Would I

shed a tear, at the completeness of it all? Would you say the words that I so long to hear, the

words that would to an eternity of bliss lead?

I am not one to get carried away by the childishness of love. Yet for you, I am thirteen again,

and I can think of nothing else but the flutter of my heart at the mention of your name. I am a

child scribbling love shapes in her diary mindlessly, writing your name over and over, seeking

the courage to let you know and failing miserably; Waiting for you to come find me. I have

waited but once in my life. I wrote you this letter that I wish I could send. That I wish you could

read, and with no shred of doubt, know it is for you that it was written.





She wants to live among the stars

This she has known since her mind took form

She’s been scared of nothing more

Than being ordinary

She cannot perceive it

Her heart wants it all

The money, the fame, the influence

She wants them to listen

Like a maestro

Playing the world to the tune of her words

She’s not ordinary

She’s not ready for ordinary

Deep breath

Eyes closed

The stage, in all its entirety



The silence beckons

Tongue impatient

The soul pleads

Words take form

Calm settles



She speaks

Truth as she know its





That they hear





Find clarity





For Sis…

I have two sisters. That terrifies me greatly. I live in such a vain world, where women are born to be seen and not heard. Where women who speak their mind are branded as controversial and those who manage to be just as good if not better than men in the corporate world are perceived as having slept to the top, as it is easier to believe. I fear for them for I cannot shelter them from the foolishness of the world. A world that is so increasingly obsessed with beauty and the standards of beauty getting more ridiculous by the day. My sisters are growing up in the age of social media. Yet all I see all over social media is an obsession with big asses and light skin tones. Where the most talked about women are those to whom nudity comes most easily and is cashed in on. I fear for them because whore has become so synonymous with the word female that they may not know respect is something they deserve.

They are growing up in a time where debates on whether to introduce contraceptives in Primary school actually exist; a time where sex is so desensitized, being a virgin at fourteen is considered uncool. A time that will not focus on what they have done or can do for society but on who they are dating and whether or not they are curvy enough. Things that should not matter to them but nevertheless what they are fed everywhere they turn. I saw a half-page botox ad on a national newspaper the other day. Then the sad realization dawned that we can never go back to the simpler ways. We have become so westernized we seem to have contracted some world class problems as well.

As I assessed my fears I remembered the earlier, simpler days, when I would taunt my youngest sister about her dark skin just to get a rise out of her. Now I worry if she will know it was childish mockery or will she think that I too have conspired with the world to label her unattractive. Back then we would play shirtless, the three of us, in front of our dad, not a care in the world. Oh I miss those days. Now they are replaced with days in front of the mirror as we worry about whose boobs are fuller. Such a stupid thing to worry about, you would think.

My two sisters; one is nineteen the other is fourteen. They are becoming women. How will I teach them to be women when I am so conflicted myself? When I am just learning too? There is only so much your mother can teach you. The world does the rest. Thing is, I am afraid of what the world has to teach the two most important people in my life.






My Appalling Indifference Towards Valentine’s Day


Destiny is out of our control. We can never quite tell how we are going to end up and looking back at my earlier days and all my expectations and dreams and hopes, I seem to now be on an entirely different track. I used to expect many things. When I was still in primary school I never once thought I would date anyone from my race. That’s the polite way to put it. Subtlety aside, I did not think I would ever date anyone who wasn’t well, white! Forgive my naivety if I may call it, I was about eleven. Still, I wouldn’t find myself looking at any of the guys I grew up with. This went on well into my early teen years. Looking back now I am not able to quite explain that phase. Maybe it was the movies I watched. As I said in my earlier post, Hollywood movies made up most of my childhood. No surprise then that my first real crush was this little white boy I used to watch on KBC, the name of the program escapes my memory. Back then of course I did not know what a crush was and the feelings all so new to me left no mark on my innocence. Back then I thought I just really wanted to play with the boy you know, make him my best friend. I never quite got over that boy whose name I do not remember and sometimes I dream of a 10 year old me, still pretty much in love with him.  My fascination with white boys went on for a while and Kenyan boys only seemed to freak me out. I could not quite understand their weird and somewhat crude mannerisms. As I write this I am suddenly beginning to question my parent’s liberal attitude towards my upbringing. Maybe I should have watched less movies and spent more time outside with these “crude” boys. I left that to my younger sisters though; I preferred to live in my own little world, real or otherwise. I digress too much. My point is, there is really no way of knowing how things eventually turn out, destiny listens to no one. Which explains why reminiscing on a 10 year old me is rather mind blowing and somewhat comical. I have never once dated a white guy and I have had my fair share of boyfriends. My own kind is not so crude now huh?

Which brings me back to the other day when someone asked what I was doing this Friday and I simply replied nothing; and so we decided to hang out then. Two days later I hear someone mention Valentine’s Day and Friday in the same sentence and I realized what I had done. I had gotten myself a Valentines date without even the slightest idea that there was such a thing. Now I pride myself in being a hopeless romantic. One of my favourite movies is “50 First Dates” and I’ll choose a romantic comedy over almost anything else. I love LOVE and admittedly I am in love with the idea of being in love. Yeah I am quite the typical girl in some ways. So the fact that I had no idea when Valentine’s Day was, two days to it, is simply put, quite offensive to the hopeless romantic in me. And I wasn’t always like this either. I used to hold the day of love sacred whether or not I was single at the time. I would even don the ceremonial red colour and take in all the love in the air. The roses, the chocolate, the couples, *sigh* a perfect day despite all its imperfections. That was then. Now, I seem to have lost the spirit. It’s simply gone. I have no attitude or feelings towards the day of love and it’s so bad that I didn’t even have a clue what day it was on. Quite frankly I’d rather not do anything on Friday but sleep in because I have to work Saturday. As for my date, well I am yet to figure out what to do about that one. So how and when did I get here? When did I become one of those people I could not previously understand? The answer must be destiny. One of those things that you could not see coming, that you cannot explain, but that you become anyway. I do not hate it but I do not love it either. I am simply indifferent about Valentine’s Day. All part of growing up I guess. Or maybe it’s just a phase, like my white boy phase.

Oh well, so I found out it is Valentine’s Day this Friday, what have you done with your week so far?

Save Me From Flappy Bird


Dear guardian angel,

Let me start by saying I am a troubled soul. I am restless and frustrated and when I sleep I see things, flying things, things that mock me.  So I am writing to you for I am not very happy with you guardian angel. You have forsaken me and for the life of me I cannot figure out why. You have failed in your duties to protect me from the evils of this world and I must admit I have not come across a greater evil in my short years on this earth. I feel mocked angel, by a bird. Yes angel I said a bird. You do not understand this is no ordinary bird. I mean yes it is the most idiotic looking bird I have ever seen but it is ruining me. I cannot fathom why I simply cannot get past a score of 6. Six sir! And it pains, it pains me for it is only a game and games are supposed to be fun! Instead, this one mocks me. 6 guardian angel, my best score is 1-2-3-4-5-6! It is not that I have not tried. Sometimes I do not eat; I have no time for that angel, not with this quest that haunts me.

At night when I sleep, I have terrible dreams of things that fly. I do not know what these things are angel I only know that they eat unborn babies right from the mother’s womb. They just tear her open, and eat the baby! See in these dreams I am always pregnant angel. Always! And you know what terrifies me most about them sir?  It is that they fly! They fly right through the air never once encountering a pipe! They just FLY! And then suddenly they turn and start laughing at me. These things, they start to laugh at me angel, because they know my score. They know about my 6! I’m afraid if I have this dream again I might not be able to wake up.

I’ve heard rumours, that it is the devil’s game. So why did you not protect me guardian angel? I just wanted to play a game, and now I won’t stop losing yet I can’t stop playing! Do you know what happens when you lose for so long angel? I do not know either but I am afraid to find out. That is why you must save me angel. Save me from this flapping bird!

Sometimes I wonder, why its head is so big, its eyes so huge and yet its wings miniscule. And why does it have lips angel? Birds do not have lips. Maybe it’s a puzzle I must solve, to overcome my curse of 6! Yes am obsessive with the 6 angel, it makes me feel like that’s my IQ count!

I have had happier days angel. I have lived a good and kind life. Angel I am pretty sure no past deed of mine affords me this karma. So do your job and save me. Save me from this ridiculous looking bird before I lose my mind or worse, crush my Galaxy S4. You know I just upgraded from my Mulika Mwizi.

Thank you for listening to my flappy bird woes. I trust action will be taken.

Yours truly,


Why You Should Watch The Wolf Of Wall Street Viewer Discretion Is Advised

Okay let me start by confessing that no viewer discretion is necessary, I only said that to get your attention. My apologies. Now that we have that tackled here we go.


So I watched “The Wolf Wall Street” the other day. I knew “The Wolf Of Wall Street” and I were destined to meet the minute I heard they had banned it in Kenya. I had heard about the movie a few times before but I wasn’t quite listening, not until someone mentioned the word ban. I did not care if it was about werewolves attacking Wall Street or just something about a pack of wolves in suits, all I knew is that I had to watch it. Reason, because I am human. I am specifically engineered to want to do something more the minute you say no to me and so as no fault of mine, “The Wolf Wall Street” automatically got a number one spot on my must watch list.

Admittedly, I see why the Kenya Film Board would ban it but before I continue I feel that it is crucial that I point out, Leonardo was on a boat again, and yes it almost capsized. There’s about a million jokes somewhere in there. I mean I’m a huge Leonardo fan and if ever I was to meet him Lord knows I would follow him to the moon if he asked me, we could even walk there if he wanted. But everyone knows there’s one thing you don’t do and it’s get on a boat with Leo, call me stupid but remember Paul Walker (rest his soul)? Yes these things do happen.

Now where was I? Yes, I get why they banned “The Wolf Wall Street” here I mean damn, truth be told the movie does push a lot of drug abuse from coke to Ludes (which I now know exist thanks to the movie) and it also seems to look quite positively on divorce, cheating on your wife with hookers and flying a plane when you’re half passed out. Now these are all admittedly pretty bad behaviour but they’re rich people problems, problems I doubt the middle class Kenyan can afford to have! I mean really how often are we faced with the dilemma of landing our helicopter safely on our front yard? Okay let’s start small, how many of us actually have front yards? And that’s my point right there, most of the immoralities that the Kenya Film Board is trying to save us from are immoralities that we can’t actually afford so really there’s no need!

Instead here’s what I think the Kenya Film Board should do, they should make every Kenyan above 21 watch that movie! Yes that’s my ingenious idea and don’t judge, I only get one once every three years. I mean if you look past all the sex and drugs and hookers, “The Wolf Wall Street” is simply a story about a middle class guy (aren’t we all?) who  was given only one small opportunity and turned it into a gold mine. Of all his vices the only thing he is truly addicted to is money and that’s an addiction I feel a number of us could use; maybe we wouldn’t be so mediocre after all. How many of us are actually able to see when opportunities are looking at them right in the eye? The thing is some opportunities look too small to be of any benefit, truth is every opportunity counts. I watched Jodan Belfort (Leonardo) turn stock pink sheets into a billion dollar corporation. For me, that’s the only lesson that remained. I also learnt to think outside the box, to always sound like a professional, to dress for success and to work hard like my life depended on it. I also got a slight idea of how the stock market actually works. The “Wolf Of Wall Street” was more like “Project X” (which I mean if we’re gonna ban movies…) but with an all-I-need-to-know guide on how to be successful, minus the illegal stuff at the end.

“I want you to deal with all your problems by becoming rich! I want you to attack your problems head-on! I want you to go out and start spending money right now. I want you to leverage yourself. I want you to back yourself into a corner. Give yourself no choice but to succeed. Let the consequences of failure become so dire and so unthinkable that you’ll have no choice but to do whatever it takes to succeed.” – Jordan Belfort

Thing is, if you put your mind in the right place, there are only good lessons to learn from “The Wolf Wall Street”’. One of them being (I insist), don’t get on a damn boat with Leonardo DiCarprio!

Here’s something worth checking out:

Lessons We Can All Learn From The Wolf Of Wall Street

My Place In History


What will they say about me, a hundred years from now?

What will they know about me?

Will I be in their books, their libraries?

Will they teach their kids about me?

Will they know my name or will it be as if I never existed?

Will I be just another soul that lived a banal life?

Will I do nothing with my days yet still hope to reach the stars?

Will I hold back my voice and follow?

Too afraid to stand out?

Too afraid to fail?

What do they have that God denied me?

Martin Luther, Mandela, Lupita

What do they have that I lack?

I want my place history

I need my place in history